Monday, April 30, 2007

May's Book: God Wants You to be Rich

I usually read one book a month on money since that is what I teach. I figure I had better stay up-to-date on the latest trends and ideas in the personal finance genre. May's book will be Paul Pilzer's, "God Wants You to be Rich." Thanks to Bonnie in North Carolina for recommending it to me. I just ordered it tonight so I'll let you know my impressions as I get each chapter done. If you have already read this book or you are one of the Frugal Friends who are reading along with me, let's hear your opinion!


moneymonk said...

I'm like you, I normally read a book once a month as well. I will add these book on my to do list

SpeakUp said...

For years I thought I had to be poor to be "righteous." After attending your seminar, I am confident in how I use my wealth--I know I am using it for the right things. I know I can desire and obtain riches and still be righteous, because I want them for the right reasons. Thanks for showing me that great concept.

The Money Muse said...


Many well meaning spiritual people feel that in order to be "good" they have to remain poor. It is a sad place for so many to be because it simply isn't true. The One, Divine Mother, Heavenly Father, Allah, whatever you call your Spiritual Source has created each person as a divine being. You are supposed to be wealthy. Unfortunately, many folks just don't believe it.