Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Race for the Cure

Here is a pic of my girlfriend Lisa and I as we do a 5K walk in Las Vegas. Lisa was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and she asked a bunch of her buddies to walk with her during the Race for the Cure held on May 5th. We had a blast!

This was especially significant for me since my mother died of breast cancer in 1987. It was fun to be with 18,000 other people who were all supporting the work to fight this disease. Lisa is wearing the pink hat because she already sees herself as a survivor! Bravo, Lady! Rock on!


moneymonk said...

Bravo Lisa! Stay positive and live life to the fullest

I'm sorry to hear about your mother MM. Now I see why it is important to you. It is good that you are at your girlfriend side. Good for you!

The Money Muse said...

Thanks so much MoneyMonk. It was a fun time, but also very emotional for Lisa and I. She was just overwhelmed by the love and caring of friends and strangers that we met along the way.

She'll do great. I know it will all work out for her. Thanks for you comments.