Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Women of the World Acoustic CD

This is how wonderful girlfriends are! I got a package in the mail today from Diann and Jodie and guess what? It was an awesome new acoustic CD. I absolutely love it. I was cleaning my home office while listening to the lovely voices of women like Sandrine Kiberlain, Luca Mundaca and Marta Gomez. It was excellent.

My girlfriends know that for the last three weeks I've been learning how to play the mandolin. I've only just managed to get two songs down, "Old Joe Clark" and "Cripple Creek." I'm still having trouble singing and playing at the same time, but like my teachers have always said, "Practice, practice, practice!"


moneymonk said...

I love world music as well. I have a french carribean CD that has good mandolin sounds as well.

It's good to see your are open to all kinds of music.

The Money Muse said...

Well aren't you a wonderful bright spot in people's lives. Thanks for the feedback and I'll post some music when I have finally learned enough to be heard! LOL!