Saturday, June 16, 2007

Learning from Others’ Mistakes, Read the Blogs!

The blogging world is amazing. You can find someone spouting an opinion on just

about every topic imaginable. Use this fantastic medium to your advantage. I
just found this incredible article on the “Top 100 Most Influential Personal
Finance Bloggers.” If you can’t find someone you identify with on this list, I
would be shocked. They’ve got lifestyles and personalities of all types.

(Oops, it seems the original link I posted in 2007 no longer works, thank you Donna for telling me! The article was pulled off the credit card lowdown site.) Bummer! However, don't let that stop you!!! Here are a few of the bloggers that the twitter community likes to hear from) I checked the link myself as of May 15, 2009, if it drops...let me know and I'll dig up another one for you.

To read the whole list go to:
(Sorry, folks, this article is no longer available!)

I don’t care which system you choose to get out of debt, the point is to pick a
system and then implement it! This article will present you with over 100
individuals that have found their own ways out of debt and into wealth. What an
excellent resource. You see, you’re not alone!!!

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Donna said...

Thank you for your wonderful resources and catching my attention.