Monday, July 2, 2007

Book Review: Get Your Assets in Gear

Posted by Janine Bolon

When I put this book down I looked up and shouted, "YEEEESSSSS!" Finally, I have a book on investing and asset allocation that I can recommend to my clients. I enjoyed laughing with Jan Geiger as she described her passion to become wealthy along with the many stories she told you about her journey. The fact that she assists others now as her vocation is a brilliant attribute to the data in her book.

I always prefer to have an author tell me about their personal journey to wealth and Jan does this in a very easy to read format without the jargon the financial industry uses that confuses me. This is book that is a must read, but also implement what Jan tells you. Don't just read the book and put it down. This is a book you've got to put into daily practice.

Jan has great tips scattered throughout the book along with boxes that highlight major points so you can skim easily through chapters to get the information you want. I liked the fact that she ends each chapter with action steps and then recaps them at the end of her book. For those who wish to become financially independent, this is a must read book. If you are older and just now starting to look at your personal finances, Jan has help for you, too! Get and stay as healthy as you can!!!

You can order Jan's book through
amazon or visit her web site. More comments later on this great book!


Moneymonk said...

Im like you, I love to hear personal success instead of examples. It motivates you more.

Happy 4th !

Moneymonk said...

I know a friend who wants to write a book (non-financial) . I told her I will talk to you.

What should be her first steps?

The Money Muse said...

MM: Your friend should have her book edited by a good editor before she does anything. That is step one. When the editor and she have worked the book over. Then, and only then, should she start to consider the routes to publishing. (Self-publishing, trade or academic.)

Good luck to her!!