Monday, July 28, 2008

Holding onto the Inner Happiness

I was reading an inspirational article this morning and had to share some of the insights I received from the author with you. The article was about keeping your peace or inner happiness despite the emotional and physical chaos around us. Here were the main points:
  • Never find fault with others-look instead for their good points
  • Learn to blame and correct your own flaws so you continually grow and improve
  • Be sincere with everyone
  • Express kindness and love to each person in your life
Those are four simple, little points, but boy do they pack a punch when it come to one's daily life. Basically it all boils down to a simple phrase. Learn to Behave!

As a mom of four I busted out laughing as I put the article down. Here I am at the age of 44 still working hard at learning to behave. It is a daily battle to make sure that I don't find fault with others. I mean, I just mopped the floor! Do the kids HAVE to track all that mud in?

No kidding that happened to me today. I remembered the article I had just read and I spent 5 seconds calming down the sharp retort that was on the edge of my lips waiting to jump out. Instead of screaming about muddy footprints and clean floors, I was actually able to keep my mouth shut, walk over to the cabinet with the linen rags and throw a few on the floor near the rest of the herd that was about ready to pounce through the back door. I even managed a pleasant, "Please wipe your feet!" Wow. Some days I'm better at this then others.

The point of today's post is to be a cheerleader for you. I realize that I usually talk about money, but in order to keep to our financial goals we have to be happy and in order to be happy we have to behave in ways that make the world a better place.

I know that times can be really tough on you and that daily you are doing battle with being "good." (Can you tell I'm talking to myself here as well?) It is so much easier to be sharp, harsh, quick-to-anger, and tell-off those that make our lives challenging. However, if we take a deep breath and remember to be in that selfless consciousness we will learn quicker how to:
  • physically help people through service
  • mentally help people by kindness and encouragement
  • spiritually help others by radiating the joy we feel by learning to behave!
By implementing these behaviors our own lives will become happier. I have always found it so crazy that happiness is based on how you aid others. It is such an incredible reward for not thinking about yourself.

With that said, I guess I'd better go downstairs and wipe out the tub from all the dirt that got washed off those little bodies before bed and see where the muddy clothes have been kicked off .

Hang in there, dear ones. Keep tracking your expenses, stick to your financial goals and continue in the knowledge that you know what you want out of life. In very short order, you will find that you are happy.


The Lazy Organizer said...

Are you trying to say it's possible to be nice about muddy feet??? Are you sure? Ok, I am working on this. I promise.

What happened to your post on decluttering? I wanted to link to it! And I am so sad you're moving. Here we just met and you are already leaving me for another state! I would love to hear what your new plans are. I am busily working on my business and hope to get it growing here in the next couple months. All that with a new baby. I must be crazy!

Good luck with your move. I hope you'll be back in Utah often.

P.S. I moved my blog to BIG plans I tell you!

Heather said...

A timely reminder, Janine, with broad application. I'll save this one for rereading as well as pass it on to friends. Thank you.

A thought that occurs to me about "learn to behave:"

I've discovered that much of my irritation with others, and blame for their misbehaving, stems more from a lack of being than a lack of behaving.

I may wipe up the mud with perfect external calm, but become very cranky on the next cleanliness infraction. In our house, mud happens. In fact, mud multiplies. If I can stay in touch with the fact that it is the sweetest, dearest people I've ever had the good fortune to birth and live alongside ;) that perpetuate mud -- if I can be open to their wonderful humanity -- mud, misspending, murmuring, etc., seem to reside in a realm of "stuff that happens" instead of "stuff done to ruin my happiness."

...which view I have to daily recommit toward holding and not eroding through my own lack of being right with others.

Thanks for writing! And thank you for reading....

The Money Muse said...


Thanks for your comments. Always great to hear from you. I also appreciate your insights. Have a great week.