Saturday, September 26, 2009

CERN, Rap Music and Higgs Boson!!!!

Many of you know what a Geek-Freak I am for particle physics and the CERN super-collider project. I just had a friend of mine from Mexico send me this video that was done by the crazy physicists and geeks up at CERN and just had to share. It warms the cockles of my scientific heart to see folks not taking themselves seriously, but taking the Science and Math seriously. Lovely stuff! It's only four minutes long.

This is the kinda stuff we did all the time in the lab when we were waiting for centrifuges to slow down, HPLCs to equilibrate and the CRAY to crunch. Where was YouTube when I was working? LOL.

Enjoy it as much as I did. It totally made my day.

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