Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Money Muse is Now on Radio!

It took awhile, but finally, after several years of work, encouragement from students and harassment from friends (thanks, Bryan and Ruth) I am lucky enough to be hosting a radio show called "Power Women."

The show is designed to inspired and help women rise to their full potential despite their already packed "to-do-lists." Learn tips, tricks and techniques that are used by successful women to balance life or at least get what you want without sacrificing your health! Oh, and we discuss money strategies too!

Feel free to tune in live (it is a call in show) or you can download the program later to your MP3 player or iPod. By the way, thanks to all the guys who listen to the show and email me afterwards giving their support and ideas for future shows. I know you folks are busy with your daily lives, but if you want a quick 30 minute show to energize you to move along with your dreams, tune in.


Sue said...

Where? What station? I want to listen to the show!
Sue Darby - Avid blog reader

The Money Muse said...

Here is the link to the show and it lets you know when each episode is coming up. Also, you can friend me on Facebook and I publish on my wall the next episode's time and date.

Thanks for being an avid blog reader.


Kevin Stelfox said...

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Tammie said...

Janine, I'm listening to your Radio shows right now! They are excellent I love your thoughts! Thank you!!! I have read your book a few times and probably need to read it again! I feel like I'm getting so close to living more on purpose. You may just push me over the edge! Thanks again!